Where did January go???

I’m not quite sure what happened, but I blinked and January was finished…

I am eyeball deep preparing for a DFM show. Trying to arrange songs to play, rehearse, and balance that with work and life in general has been busy but completely worth it!  Das Fagott Mannschaft will be playing on February 5, at 7pm at Relish Bar and Grill. Our set includes arrangements of Bob Marley, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Black Sabbath, Queen and Lady Gaga…I’m sure the chances of hearing all those artists in one set ever again is pretty slim! We will even have a guest appearance by Eve Angelica.

Performing Rehab with the amazing Bryan Van Dusen

On a mildly related note, DFM was highlighted as video of the week!!!!!! You’ll find us here at the bottom of the post. My favourite review quote: “I have no words…” 🙂

Other highlights of January include:

– A Barbie Pink Manicure (Seniorita Rose-alita by OPI) that lasted about 5 minutes before I chipped my thumbnail (however I was still in the salon so the girl gave me a glare and then re-did my nail.)

– A new brew pub. I went with a few friends to the Bellwoods Brewery. (Check out the website, it is beautiful!) It has an industrial look to it but is surprisingly cozy. The beer is delicious and the food is very Ossington-esque ie. artsy and delicious yet strangely unexpected. (fresh bread with duck liver pate…) I tried a few of the brews. I was enjoying a good bootknife, before a friend gave me a taste of Monogamy…which tasted like Peach Five-Alive…it was lovely.

– A new love (although some might say addiction) to Chocolate Chili Chai at Davids Tea. I bought a small bag of it to take home…and my next time there bought a tin. It’s only a winter tea so I have to decide how much tea I will drink in a year so I can stock up…I only have until March and it will be gone…Oh my love, my Chocolate Chili Chai, what will I ever do without you, how I will miss you so! (yep, I’m pretty sure my previous sentence pushed me over the edge from love to addiction.)

Songza. I think I’ve officially stopped listening to my itunes library… I think my favourite part of it is that you choose music based on your mood. No more deciding who or what you want to listen to…just simply click on your mood. Sigh, remember when everything used to be that simple?

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