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I am attempting to be better at planning my meals ahead of time…I have a tendency to go grocery shopping on my way home from work on an empty stomach which generally leads to chips, bread and peanut butter, cheese and bananas…I mean I have a fairly good representation of the food groups but it is really not healthy or sustainable. So…I bought Chicken, some is for tonight…and some is in the freezer awaiting further meals (good Start Susan…have one cookie to celebrate…or 2…then again the following dinner looks lovely eat that and skip the cookie!)

Friday night's dinner...(almost) a healthy meal!
Friday night’s dinner…(almost) a healthy meal!

Lemon and Herb Chicken (I used Club House “Lemon & Herb” as a dry rub, a touch of olive oil and then used the griddler), Roasted Brussels Sprouts (again with the olive oil, plus lots of garlic, a touch of lemon juice, salt and pepper), store bought Garlic Bread, and a glass of white wine…happy Friday indeed!

I’ve seen these recipes all over the place…and due to my lack of personality before coffee and my tendency to either skip breakfast or eat PB straight from the jar (yes, skipping the toast because I couldn’t be bothered….) I am attempting to make slow-cooker oatmeal for breakfast. The recipe…I decided on THIS one (although one quick search through pinterest will prove that Apple Cinnamon Slow-Cooker Oatmeal is a BIG hit). I liked that the recipe was 1) Freaking easy 2) from Canadian Living 🙂 3) I totally didn’t buy milk and if I did I would have had about 8 recipes to choose from.

Soooooo Step 1: Pick Songza Playlist (Handclapping and Footstomping)

Step 2: organize…

Getting Ready....
Getting Ready….

Step 3: re-calculate the recipe ( I might have tripled it??? or not??? math is not a strong point for me…1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 2, 3, 4….sorry music joke)

Extra Cinnamon. NOM!
Extra Cinnamon. NOM!

I used, 3 cups of Steel Cut Oats, 2 Macintosh apples, 2 Cinnamon sticks, 3 heaping spoonfuls of Brown Sugar (…probably 1/4 to 1/3 cup?), an unmeasured amount of ground Cinnamon (…probably 3 Tbsp…I love Cinnamon!) and 10 cups of water.

Step 4: toss into slow cooker

Toss into Slow Cooker
Toss into Slow Cooker

Step 5: turn on and go back to drinking wine.

The next morning………

Om Nom Nom
Om Nom Nom

Easy, Delicious, and enough for 9 meals…talk about cook once eat all week!!!!!

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