Set for a New Year

It has been a busy holiday season…Gigs, travels, working, knitting…

The socks were finished in time to get to Winnipeg for Christmas. My Dad says they fit like a glove (or a sock…they fit like socks…) I started these mid-November and wove the ends in on Dec 22…Just in time!

Dad's Socks aka 2 months of frantic knitting.
Dad’s Socks aka 2 months of frantic knitting.

I am currently working on a Hudson Bay inspired blanket for my sister. It is maybe only a third completed, but I must admit I am enjoying knitting it as the further I get the warmer my lap is while I knit!

Hudson Bay inspired Blanket
Hudson Bay inspired Blanket

My other holiday project has been arrangements of pop songs for Bassoon Quartet. The Fags and Hags of the DFM will be playing at Relish Bar and Grill in January and again later in the spring. We are REALLY excited and we have all been putting together our favourite songs and arranging pieces. Insider info: I might have arranged Billy Jean for bassoon quartet and there MIGHT be a contrabassoon solo…yes I did!

Everyone involved with Excelsior is getting excited about our next concert in March. We confirmed our program, but it is a touch ambitious and we might not be able to find parts…so in other words, we haven’t confirmed our program yet…but we’re much closer to getting it done.

One last thought of the day. I have fallen in love with Songza. It is a fun website that puts together a playlist for you based on your mood. The people who put together the playlists are amazing, and the website has a sense of humour too!

Happy New Year!


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