Reed Maker


My reeds are all hand-made and scraped. Stability, response, and tone are key features that I build into each of my reeds. Reeds come in 2 custom styles: similar to Danzi Wide shape and similar to Forrest Regular shape.


“As a busy musician, I always make sure to have Durnin reeds in my case. My gigs take me to different locations where reeds have a tendency to change due to climate, but have found Susan’s reeds travel well and stay consistent from gig to gig!”
-Catherine Magowan
principal bassoonist, Sudbury Symphony Orchestra

“As a freelance bassoonist who has not mastered the fine art of reed making, I have struggled to find a reliable source of workable reeds.  Other suppliers I have found have been inconsistent and just don’t supply reeds with the tone I’m looking for.  Having performed countless times with Susan, I was delighted to learn that she sells reeds commercially, as I’ve always enjoyed her tone and intonation.  The reeds do NOT disappoint!  Whether I’m playing principal or 2nd, the reeds allow me to bring out the beautiful bits to my music and blend in the background where necessary.  I highly recommend them!”
-Graham Martin
freelance musician & second bassoon, Sudbury Symphony Orchestra