Preserving the taste of summer 7

Ok, so this was maybe the lowest day for me in terms of canning-addiction…I made 3 kinds of jam today, and it made my month!

First up was Pear Cinnamon Jam. The recipe was from Marissa McClellan’s blog, Food in Jars. The pears my friend Sam acquired from a friend who is involved with an Not far from the Tree, urban fruit picking organization in Toronto. The pears were magical and packed with flavour. When I added the cinnamon I had a whiff of our amazing jam and just about singed my nose-hairs off because the cinnamon was so strong, I almost wept because I had thought I had ruined our amazing pears…little did I know that the cinnamon would mellow over the next 10 minutes to produce a deliciously balanced jam.

Nest up was Apple Ginger Jam. Again this was one of Marissa McClellan’s recipes and the apples were from Not far from the Tree. The interesting part of this recipe is that apples don’t really cook down well into jam, and we had to make “Ginger juice”. The apples we peeled and chopped in the food processor (saved us a TON of time!). The ginger process was strange but very satisfying, washed and cut the ginger into slices, tossed into a blender. Added a cup of water and puréed it all together. Then you pour it all through cheesecloth, squeezing every last drop of moisture through the cheese cloth. The result was a yellow juicy liquid that PACKED a gingery punch.

Project 3 was another batch of Nectarine Lime Jam, this is one from the cookbook Food In Jars that started my whole obsession. Nectarines are just at the end of their season here in Ontario, so I got them both cheap, and at the height of their flavour. This jam is easy peasy as you don’t even have to peel the fruit. It was a lovely night as I enjoyed a glass of wine while cooking…and I had Ken Burn’s History of Prohibition playing in the background . 😛

enough chat…photos:






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