Preserving the taste of Summer 6

Hmmmm, 6 full days of preserving and blog posts…I think this is becoming an addiction…..

Oh well, day 6 was an experiment in 2 very different types of preserves being made at the same time. Jam and Salsa…made with Tomatoes and Peaches…no…not another batch of peach jam…it was Tomato Jam and Peach Salsa!!!!!

Amy’s Tomato Jam from Food in Jars, was made with Fresh Local Ontario Tomatoes (Sadly, my yard can barely grow grass, so the tomatoes came from an Ontario farm rather than my backyard.) The result, a delicious red jam that can replace ketchup or liven up eggs, grilled cheese…or any food really!

Peach Salsa, also from Food in Jars was also made from fresh local Ontario Peaches. They were a bit hard and therefore a nuisance to peel, but it made for a perfectly chunky salsa rather than soft peaches that cooked down into a mushy mess.

The smell of the 2 recipes cooking was enough to fill whole house and I couldn’t get over how amazing they were…the jam and salsa, looked, smelled, and tasted AMAZING!













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