Preserving the taste of summer 5

It’s here…it is finally peach season!!!! I am on a 2 day mission to “jam” as many peaches as I can get my hands on. With the help of my trusty sidekick Sam, we started the peach party last week…

Day 1: Peach “Marmalade”, and Nectarine-Lime Jam. (Both from Food in Jars by Marisa McClellan.)

OK, so marmalade is in quotes because we lost track of cooking time and *cough* overcooked our jam…no big deal, it ended up being a gooey thick marmalade texture so…we pretended that we intended that outcome and went for the term “marmalade” instead of the more refined “jam”.

After dinner we went on a nectarine binge and made Nectarine-Lime Jam…the tart and juicy flavour of the nectarines is paired with the yummy zip of limes to create a fun, bright delicious jam. (this one was jam-consistency!)

Overall result: OM NOM NOM!!!!!! Soooo tasty!!!!!

Day 2: Peach Jam

Christmas may seem like it is months and months away, but for those who like to plan ahead and make presents, time is starting to run away from us!!!! *Spoiler Alert* Today’s project was the little teensy adorable 125mL jars of Peach Jam. This recipe tastes like Christmas because of the infusion of cinnamon and nutmeg, but it has a surprising reminiscence of Summer because of the peaches. Delicious on it’s own or on toast, it also pairs well with a soft cheese or buttery pastries!

All set for giving!!!!! We ended up with 27 jars of jam!!!!!! 24 teensy ones (125 mL), 1 regular size (250mL) and 2 big ones (500mL)!!!






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