My cooking skills have significantly declined over the last 2 years for a number of reasons.

  1. I lived in a house with a kitchen the size of a postage stamp
  2. I got to a point where I was working 68 hours a week at 3 jobs and literally did not even have time to grocery shop.
  3. I have moved into a house with a really fantastic cook and have become a bit lazy about cooking for myself

That said, tonight is the night to brush up on my skills. The recipe is Paula Deen’s Garden Full of Goodness Lasagna. I’m feeling fairly confident because even if I fail, I won’t make anyone sick from under-cooked meat. (Yes, I decided on veggie on purpose…well, actually I just love vegetarian recipes…fresh veggies have so much texture and such great flavours…)

So, the grocery list is made. The old-lady-wheeled-shopping-bag is at the front door…Courage!

Ok, back and fired up ready to go…confusion at the grocery store…is a yellow squash the same as a zucchini? I didn’t know so I had to splurge and buy an organic one.

The cooking was rather painless. I steamed the veggies instead of boiling them. I added spinach to the recipe (keeps you strong) and some chicken broth to the sauce because it looked too thick. I combined the sauce and veggies to facilitate easy layering, oh, and I’m pretty sure I doubled the mozzarella cheese…oops 😛

I’ve included a few photos of the event…unfortunately there’s no “after” photo…it smelled way to delicious and we were way to hungry!


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