Knits and Bones

Another busy week…I saw the doctor about a crushed finger at work -which was accompanied by a few colourful profanities – and the good news is that it isn’t broken! It’s still double the size it used to be, but I am back to a full range of motion with it.

I’ve been busy knitting hats. This is what I love about the fall, the weather cools off and there is nothing better than a warm mug of tea and a beautiful knitted something. This is my new favourite pattern. The Scallop Lace Slouchy hat is easy to whip up, but interesting enough to knit that it is really enjoyable. I think I need some hand warmers…maybe the same lace pattern? Whatever I decide on, they will have to have no thumbs so I can wear them when I’m practicing…hmmm, I feel some black hand warmers next in the knitting cue. These? or these rocking ones? Hmmmmm…. So many decisions.

On the music front, Excelsior has successfully planned our concert for November 10. We need to confirm rehearsals, write some program notes, get ourselves 4 more musicians and we’ll have a concert. We’re also digging into plans for next season already, and are quite excited for 3 concerts that will all feature standards of 20th century repertoire. Excelsior is on a roll and I’m really excited to plan everything. Business cards are at the printer!

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