It’s Messiah Time

Holy busy batman! I have had an absolutely hectic and wonderful couple of weeks. Backtracking to Dec 1, it started out with The Mississauga Festival Chorus’ concert of John Rutter’s Magnificat (be warned the video in this link is super lame…) It was a lovely performance, with large crowds…so hopefully a very successful concert for the choir.

On to December 2…The Fags and Hags of Das Faggot Mannschaft played at Relish Bar and Grill‘s Open Mic night. We had the rapt attention of everyone in the place and made quite the impression. We even had free-style rapper Bryan Van Dusen drop in to rap over Rehab (Amy Winehouse arranged by Catherine Magowan. however the video is the Drag version…) We had an absolute riot playing at Relish and we’re looking forward to playing there again.

Ok…then after a full 40 hour work week…I had a performance last weekend with the Guelph Symphony Orchestra. It was a long commute out, but then again, when one is used to running around and not really ever sitting down to take a break…that commute time is really quite relaxing…even if you’re driving in freezing rain 😛 The show was a bit scattered but was still lovely. Some Messiah choruses and some classic Christmas tunes…here I’m talking A Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson!!! Probably my favourite Christmas arrangement…ever.

So, that was my busy start of December…though it keeps on going. I will be playing the FULL Messiah with Symphony in the Barn. One concert on the 15th and one on the 16th. Although, I don’t think the performances are actually IN the barn…I think they’re both at churches.

In the mean time…I have to get back to my knitting…Christmas presents are almost finished but I have limited time before my impending holiday deadline! Enjoy the photos and see you at Relish soon!


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