Got Rhythm? (Tomorrow I will!)

The big concert is tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s here already!

Tonight is the dress rehearsal and all the planning and hard work will come together…We’ll find out how many details we’ve missed and whether we can fit everyone on the stage! (We can…we’ve done this before…just not with a marimba…those things are huge…hmmmm….I’m sure it will work out ok…if not we’ll just play this¬†instead.)

I really love producing concerts, there is such a thrill when everything comes together right before the concert. It’s a thrill that is bigger than when you perform in a concert. When you are playing in the concert, the concert is when you have to work the hardest and the thrill comes after you finish and the audience is applauding. When you are producing the concert, the thrill comes when you see the size of the audience, when you see the looks of pleasure on faces in the crowd. When the performers walk on stage and the program you dreamed of becomes a reality…that’s the thrill of producing. The thrill lies in the event itself, not the result of the performance.

Thanks again to all the musicians and folks who have put so much hard work into tomorrow’s show; Sam Barton, Catherine Magowan, Omar, Ho, Neil Bishop, Beth Curley, Tanya Charles, Amy Spurr, Brenna McLane, Iris Krizmanic, Daneil Lalonde, Jonny Smith, Kristina Agur, and Kristen Smith.

One more shameless concert promotion…It’s going to be amazing, don’t miss it.

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