Excelsior’s Got Rhythm!

Well, November 10 has come and gone. Our concert was a HUGE success. The musicians were incredible, the audience loved the program, we had people come to the concert because they had seen our newspaper ads…the concert was everything we wanted it to be…one more growing step in our series.

The church has incredible acoustics, which were actually perfect for Clapping Music and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with soloists Tanya Charles (violin) and Jonny Smith (marimba…yes, marimba playing Vivaldi…it was brilliant.)

The bassoon quartet was a hit, because we:

  1. play an uncommon instrument
  2. played Broadway show tunes
  3. had incredible arrangements of pieces, thanks to the talent and hard work of Catherine Magowan. Here’s her inspiration for Summertime. (I’ll post our version as soon as I get it…)

The Schubert Octet was truly wonderful. Our musicians had their work cut out for them and put on a truly spectacular performance. I can’t wait until our next concert (March 16!)
Tonight is a pot-luck planning party for Excelsior’s March concert…I know it will be fun, but I  hope it’s productive too!

On the bassoon front, DFM is hoping to play at Relish Bar and Grill. I was there last night for tapas and the food was awesome, they also have Hops and Robbers on tap which is always a treat! DFM is planning to show up on Dec 2 for open mic night, but we’re also trying to work out an evening of “Bassooner than Christmas”…Christmas sing-a-long anyone?

One thought on “Excelsior’s Got Rhythm!

  • November 28, 2012 at 10:13 am

    I am so glad the concert was such a success! And it sounds like you’ve got some fun things coming up for DFM. Will this become a regular thing? Christmas sing-along + DFM = bassoon-errific awesomeness!!!

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