Excelsior Planning

Today I sat down at my computer, coffee in hand and started work on the Excelsior Ensemble’s next concert. We have a date, 7:30pm on November 10, 2012. We have a location, St. Peter’s Estonian Lutheran Church (Mount Pleasant at Eglington). So now onto finalizing a program for “Got Rhythm?”. I have contacted musicians for the first half of the program, to get people on board and schedules organized. DFM will be making an appearance in the concert and Catherine has her work cut out for her with a few arrangements of – should I put a concert teaser in here? – Gershwin songs.

So now to figure out rehearsal times and locations. Find parts and decide on – 2nd concert tease of the day – which Vivaldi concerto would tie the concert together…too many options, there are over 30 bassoon concertos alone, not to mention the fantastic ones for multiple soloists…hmmmm, decisions decisions.

Now to hit the reed desk. I want to get at least 30 minutes of scales and long tones before I have to run errands this afternoon.


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