So I am the proud new owner of this:

My new Electric Bocal!
My new Electric Bocal!

I bought the S-29 from Forrests, and I’m super excited to see what it can do…Although I’ll be crashing Catherine’s house to use her amps and foot pedals for a while. 🙂

Beginning of August: Impulse buy, a mini amp with a belt clip….my Milde studies have never been so exciting!

So, a friend was in town for the Electroacoustic Symposium, and I convinced him to join me and crash Relish Bar and Grill’s Open Mic Night. Together with Catherine Magowan and some collaboration with Mary Stewart, we plugged into effects pedals for the first time. The result was AWESOME!!!

Here’s the first of a few videos:

Go at Anytime by Mary Stewart. Catherine was plugged into a harmonizer and I was playing “bass”. Adam Vidiksis on drums.

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