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It’s been a very busy few weeks! Not only have I started a new day job but I’m in the middle of concerts!

Last Saturday was a Scarborough Philharmonic Symphony Concert. Brahms 4 and Slavonic Dances by Dvorak. The concert was a huge success, especially because the venue changed last minute due to an unforseen 500% venue price hike. (Yikes!) The concert was at the Salvation Army Citadel in Scarborough, and the acoustics were an absolute treat to play in. The woodwinds didn’t have to fight to be heard, which made the concert quite enjoyable to play….except of course for the really soft bits in which we had to fight to be even quieter!

This coming Saturday is Beethoven 7 with the Korean Canadian Symphony, up at North York Centre. This is their 25th year, and what a wonderful little orchestra. The orchestra makes sure there is lots of rehearsal time, which is refreshing, and allows the orchestra to get deep into the repertoire. Saturday night promises to be a great show!

Starting into the week, it`s time to hunker down to business on the Excelsior Ensemble Show on November 10. Musicians are organized and rehearsals are set. Now, time to bombard social media…facebook, pictures, posters, emails…all coming soon.

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