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Rule #1 of blogging…post regularly and frequently…oops.

Life has been busy but exciting. May was hectic, with a concert (or 2) every weekend, new students and teaching clinics, plus planning 2 big shows and trying to work too!

Everything has gone really well, and we’re on the home stretch for Excelsior Ensemble’s next concert. We have paired up Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat with wind music of Villa Lobos, because of a beautiful quote we found:

“Why is it that when I hear a piece of music I don’t like, it’s always by Villa Lobos?” – Igor Stravinsky

So the reason for the program choice is now quite clear. 🙂

DFM is doing really well, we had a HUGE show at Relish Bar and Grill on May 31. With music ranging from Nina Simone and Irving Berlin to the Beatles, MJ, fun. and Adele, we had a wild night with great food, good beer and a huge crowd that loved the show. Highlights are slowly being added to youtube and Facebook, but to keep you interested here are a few:

Yesterday with appropriate bar-atmospheric video.

Funky Town featuring Graham playing Maria the contrabassoon.

More to come!!!!

Thanks to Joanne Clayton for snapping this one at our show!
Thanks to Joanne Clayton for snapping this one at our show!

OMG!!!! Literally as I was looking for the above photo, I stumbled upon this video….We have been waiting for it!!!!!!!!! David MacMichael is a super songwriter and we had a chance to arrange 3 of his tunes for our show…needless to say we had a blast!

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