another busy week

Well, it has been a very busy week for me.

I’ve been busy practicing. Reading through L’Histoire du Soldat by Stravinsky, working at the Tansman Sonatine slowly and discovering new polyrhythms to explore. I got calls to play a couple gigs October…and even more exciting, The Excelsior Ensemble has a date locked down for our next concert! November 10, 2012, at St. Peter’s Estonian Lutheran Church at 7:30pm. We have a great program planned so mark your calendars!

Yesterday was a particularly lovely and busy day. I got some sun at Woodbine beach, then headed home for a lovely dinner of trout, asparagus and couscous paired with my new favourite white wine, Day Trippers. (It’s the best white I’ve ever found for $9.95!)

My Friday got off to a strange start at 3:45am, with a knock at the door, another knock at the door, a ring of the doorbell…and when I emerged from my basement cavern, red flashing lights, and my housemate talking with a police officer on the front stoop. Turns out there was an arsonist, who broke in and set our garage on fire, as well as setting a fire in the dumpster just down the lane. Of all the weird things to wake up to, a garage fire is definitely not what any of us expected.

We’re fine, no major damage – the only thing in the garage was cardboard boxes we hadn’t yet had a chance to get rid of after the move in June – because the garage is both metal and not attached to the house. My thanks to the amazing emergency workers who came to our rescue, our lovely neighbour who showed his concern for us last night, and especially to the security guard who saw the smoke in our garage and called 9-1-1. We are very lucky and thankful because this really turned out to be the best possible scenario of a bad situation. It is also a timely reminder that instrument insurance is quite a good thing. 😛

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  • September 14, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    I am so glad to know that you are all okay and that there wasn’t a lot of damage in the fire. Look forward to hearing more about the upcoming Excelsior Ensemble concert!

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